How is Biologic Trap used for catching Japanese Beetle?

In this article we will see what is the best way to optimize the capture of this insect in your garden.

1. FIND THE RIGHT LOCATION: The best way to attract this insect is to place the trap at least 10 meters from the plants to be protected. We recommend not to place the trap near plants, because insects will be attracted to it, causing serious damage to plants, flowers or fruits. Furthermore, the plant will be unnecessarily stressed and this condition can dramatically reduce health of plant.

2. REACH OPTIMAL HEIGHT: If you have the Biologic Trap Support Kit it will be easier: just plant the pole 120 cm from the ground and hook the trap using the special collar. If you do not have the Support Kit, using the dedicated wire on the cone, try to find a support point that brings the cone of the trap to 120 centimeters in height.

3. STABILIZATION AND DURATION: Immediately after positioning, remembering to insert the pheromone removing protective film, you will immediately see insects being attracted and captured by the trap. The pheromone has a maximum duration of 12 weeks, if you want to maximize the capture, we recommend changing pheromone every 8 weeks.

4. HOW MANY TRAPS? The number of traps sufficient to monitor a medium-sized garden (around 200m2) is from 1 to 3, located at opposite ends of the perimeter. Do not place more than 20 traps per hectare (10,000m2).

5. EMPTYING AND REUSE: If the tank or bag fills up to 2/3 it can be emptied and reused. Empty bugs into the trash and close the bag carefully. For best results, carefully clean the trap from any insect parts that can obstruct the inlet cone, before hooking the tank or tying the bag and hanging the trap again.

6. STORE THE TRAP: Biologic Trap for Japanese Beetle can be stored for using over years. To start a new season, just buy the replacement pheromone.