Trappola Plus – Popillia Japonica

Trappola Plus – Popillia Japonica


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COD: 753620205446

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Biologic Trap PLUS - New Frontier of Capture

Trappola PLUS è una novità assoluta nel campo della cattura di Popillia Japonica.

The study of this product, followed by a team of agronomists and professionists in the sector, collects years of experience through the voice of the customers.

Suitable for monitoring, it finds its ideal application in mass capture .

Technologically advanced, the first prototypes were tested and compared to the traps on the market through the use of IoT devices that measured their performance throughout the season.

The selected colors represent the perfect combination of environment and innovation, through a wise use of materials.

The quick release system eliminates the emptying times of the trap, allowing the use of this solution even in very large spaces.

The buttonholes allow ideal breathability by accentuating the capture and, in case of rain, the water slides through the grooves on the bottom, not compromising its effectiveness.

Collection Tank - Quick and Contactless Emptying

The revolutionary quick release system allows the capture to be emptied in just a few seconds, without direct contact with the insect.

The horizontal grooves, specially designed by our experts, allow the continuous transpiration of the trap, thus facilitating the capture of the Popillia Japonica specimens and, in case of rain, to self-empty.

These elements are very important to maximize the attraction and capture effect of the insect, which would otherwise be rejected.

The smoky color of the tank provide customer to see the level of capture at any time, even from distance.

The size of tank allows mass capture of many thousands of insects, thus reducing the maintenance required during seasonal emptying.